Optical Illusionz Warranty

Is It Safe To Buy My Glasses Online?

With our 100% Worry-Free Guarantee – Absolutely!

  • We offer a limited warranty for one year that will cover scratches for the lenses.
  • You will provide warranty service to anyone owning the product during the warranty period. (1 year)
  • You will provide warranty service with a charge of Processing Fee ($25.00) That will include a brand New Lens, and the Shipping Costs. If the Frame is Defective, we can replace it, if is broke that will not be covered by a warranty.
  • You will provide either a replacement or a full refund, at the consumer’s choice, if you can’t repair the product.
  • You will provide warranty service without requiring the consumer to return the warranty registration card.
  • You will not limit the duration of any implied warranty.


1 The customer may return an order for any reason ONLY on the following terms: Customer must return the glasses to Optical Illusionz within 60 days of having received them for a 50% refund, credited back to Customer’s credit/debit card, or a one-time 100% store credit refund (excluding shipping) to be used at opticalillusionz.com .

2 Customer must obtain a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number from Optical Illusionz for all returns. Orders returned without an RMA will be immediately returned to the customer. RMA’s will be issued at Optical Illusionz´s sole discretion, in accordance with these terms and conditions. Customer must provide their order number and all other information as required by Optical Illusionz for all returns, including Customer’s name and address, as well as a note inside with the Order Number and a brief, clear description of the reason for return. Customer is responsible for ensuring that the RMA is clearly visible on the address label of the product packaging when it is returned to Optical Illusionz, Inc. Glasses sent back to the office without an issued RMA will incur a $10.99 s/h charge for return to the customer. Ship to: Optical Illusionz Inc. 10961 North Freeway, Suite #102, Houston, TX, 77037

3. The Customer must return the products at their own expense. They must be returned in the same hard case originally sent in, and must be in “as New” condition, unscratched and unbroken, with lenses in their original frames. Glasses or accessories received by customer in a broken or dismantled state must still be returned in the case in which they were received.

4. Optical Illusionz Inc. is not responsible for goods lost, missing or damaged en-route by the return shipping companies.

5. FREE MANUFACTURING ERROR REPLACEMENT OF CORRECT RX. In the rare case where we have made an error in the manufacture of a valid prescription beyond the normal standards, we will remake the glasses promptly and correctly at no charge to the customer. This guarantee does not include errors and delays due to customer error in ordering including, but not limited to, entering the wrong prescription information, numbers, or personal information for the order, or acts of governmental agencies. IF YOU ARE RETURNING LENSES BECAUSE OF A WRONG MANUFACTURING OF A CORRECT PRESCRIPTION CLAIM, YOU MUST ENCLOSE A COPY OF YOUR ACTUAL PRESCRIPTION, OR NO REPLACEMENT OR REFUND OF THE ORDER WILL BE CONSIDERED BY OPTICAL ILLUSIONZ. IF OPTICAL ILLUSIONZ EXAMINES YOUR PRESCRIPTION AND DETERMINES THAT THE LENSES WERE CORRECTLY MADE, WE WILL NOTIFY YOU.

6. In addition, if the glasses are returned with the incorrect order number, then any subsequent production error is not the responsibility of Optical Illusionz, and there will be no further corrective action taken at Optical Illusionz’s expense.

7. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly document returns.

8. OPTICAL ILLUSIONZ WILL REFUND UP TO FIFTY PERCENT (50%) OF THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR GLASSES OR ISSUE A 100% STORE CREDIT FOR ANY REASON WITHIN 60 DAYS. The 100% store credit will expire one (1) year after the date of issuance. Glasses returned after the expiration of the 60-day unconditional 50% credit or 100% store credit warranty period will not be refunded in any amount. We do not offer a full refund since these are custom-made eyeglasses, made to your prescription and other specifications, and it is not possible to “recycle” them.